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Field Notes From Granadaland

Granada TV ghost sign

Granada TV ghost sign

During many visits in 2016 Andrew Brooks photographed the old Granada Studio site in central Manchester with Skyliner writer Hayley Flynn. They explored all of the strange spaces and discovered the rich history of this part of the city. You can see a selection of these images in the Granadaland Gallery. Combining fine art photography and place-writing they documented the spirit, history and architecture of the Old Granada Studios.

In it’s prime the studios were used to film and produce many high profile television shows. From Coronation Street and Stars in Their Eyes to World in Action and Mastermind. The site was also home to The Granada Studio Tours. A city center theme park that allowed the public to visit the sets and find out about film and television production.

This creative archiving project was commissioned by Allied London who are in the process of redeveloping the site as St John’s.

Andrew Brooks