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The Library and the Mountain

Freeze-Thaw Fracture Fig. 1 & 2

Freeze-Thaw Fracture Fig. 1 & 2

An exhibition of photography responding to the Portico Library in Manchester and it's collection of books. Part of Manifest Arts Festival 2017.

Visit the Library and the Mountain Gallery to see the full exhibition and images of the books that inspired the work.

Andrew Brooks talks about the project: "Whilst photographing and researching the Portico Library I found that the shifting structure of the building and the fragile nature of the books was reflected a selection of publications on geology and travel that is in the collection. These books describe slowly evolving mountain geology and the shifting landscapes of Snowdonia. To explore this connection I searched for similar formations, shapes and effects at a macro and at an expansive scale. This led to a journey exploring the forms and patterns of the mountains of Snowdonia.

All of the detail images are from within the Portico and the landscapes show the formations around Llyn Ogwen and Glyder Fach in Snowdonia."



Andrew Brooks